Key in coupon code "pickup" to self-pickup the Shippping Only- Wedding & Full Moon Gift Set at outlets. 提醒: 1) 含有红鸡蛋,红龟粿,Swiss Roll, Honey Cake的礼盒最好需要在当天取货并当天分发出去并且最好当天食用以享用到新鲜的口感,如没当天食用,放入冰箱是个选择。 For the gift set contain red eggs, Ang Ku Kuih, Swiss Roll, Honey Cake need pick up as schelude, and better distribution on the same day. Better eat on the date received or placed inside the refrigerator. 2) 关于要分别在不同的日期pickup的,需要分别下订单并注明要pickup的日期。 For pickup on different date, you need to placed an order separately and indicate the date you want to pickup.
Vegetarian Mooncake
Vegetarian Mooncake
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* This is pre-order item, the item will ship out after 15 Aug 2020.
* Please Order before 23.09.2020 to ensure that before the Mid-Autumm Festival or received that day.
* If order after above date will receive the parcel after Mid-Autumn Festival.

Wish you a happy Mid-Autummn Festival.

这是预购产品,15 .08.2020 之后才会寄出包裹。

祝您:中秋节快乐, 合家安康。

* Goods are not returnable or refundable.
All YS Mooncake Series above RM100 will get free Delivery fees with code “MC100”

* 货品经由出售概不退换。
凡购买月饼系列RM100或以上,可享有全部商品免费邮寄(仅在半岛),在付款前输入Coupon Code MC100" 即可。(除了满月与喜饼礼盒)