Key in coupon code "pickup" to self-pickup the Shippping Only- Wedding & Full Moon Gift Set at outlets. 提醒: 1) 含有红鸡蛋,红龟粿,Swiss Roll, Honey Cake的礼盒最好需要在当天取货并当天分发出去并且最好当天食用以享用到新鲜的口感,如没当天食用,放入冰箱是个选择。 For the gift set contain red eggs, Ang Ku Kuih, Swiss Roll, Honey Cake need pick up as schelude, and better distribution on the same day. Better eat on the date received or placed inside the refrigerator. 2) 关于要分别在不同的日期pickup的,需要分别下订单并注明要pickup的日期。 For pickup on different date, you need to placed an order separately and indicate the date you want to pickup.
Notice about Full Moon Gift Set and Wedding Gift Set order
  1. Please remark the date you would like received or pick up at the place we prepared while check out.
  2. For pickup, please order 4 day in advance.
  3. For delivery, please order 7 day inadvance.
  4. Shipping will take 2 ~ 5 days to received after placed order.(for normal product)
  5. Shipping will start from 3 day before the date remark or inform to us.(for gift set)
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Vintage Romance 执子之手, 与子偕老
Price RM23.88
Product SKU 140116
Brand Yong Sheng Gift Shop
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A lifetime is worth of luxury for at least once

What's in the Box

Vintage Romance (A) 执子之手,与子偕老 (A) ~ RM23.88

Japanese Sweet Potato Cookies 日式紫薯饼 4pcs
French Butter Cookies 法式牛油酥饼 4pcs
French Coffee Cookies 法式咖啡酥饼 4pcs
Strawberry Love Shape Cookies 爱心草莓曲奇 4pcs
Sesame Candy 芝麻喜糖 2pcs
Peanut Candy 花生喜糖 2pcs
Taiwanese Layer Cake 台式千层糕 2pcs
Walnut Cookies 核桃酥 2pcs
Oriental Pastry 手制汉饼 2pcs


Vintage Romance (B) 执子之手,与子偕老 (B) ~ RM29.88

Japanese Sweet Potato Cookies 日式紫薯饼 3pcs
​Strawberry Love Shape Cookies 爱心草莓曲奇 3pcs
Jam Topping Butter Cookies 果酱曲奇 3pcs
Snow Candy 雪花酥 2pcs
Mixed nut Tart 坚果塔 1pcs
Taiwanese Pineapple Cookies 台式凤梨酥 1pcs
Taiwanese Layer Cake 台式千层糕 2pcs
Orange Slice Cake 诺亚香橙蛋糕 2pcs
Walnut Cookies 核桃酥 2pcs
Oriental Pastry 手制汉饼 2pcs
Seasame Peanut Candy 芝麻花生喜糖 1pcs

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